About the School of Physical Education and Sports



Haliç University, School of Physical Education and Sports established in 22.05.2008.

The purpose of our School of Physical Education and Sports; To provide services and technology in this field for the benefit of the society by educating professionals and educators in the field of sports sciences, who are trained in modern approaches and methods based on science and technology, who are competent in the field of profession, who respect universal and cultural values, and who meet the needs of our country.

Our School consists of Physical Education and Sports Teaching, Coaching Education, Sports Management, Sports Management (English) and Recreation Departments. In addition, there are master's and PhD programs for students who want to continue their academic careers.

Our students take classes such as Anatomy, Sports Physiology, Physical Activity and Health, Sports Biomechanics, Sports Psychology, Motor Control, Movement and Training Science, Sports History, Sports Sociology, Physical Education, Recreation, Sports Management, Sports Marketing, Sports Philosophy. they specialize in their fields. With its distinguished academic staff and physical conditions, it increases the quality of education day by day.

Haliç University School of Physical Education and Sports has had a wide academic staff and research area in all subjects within the multidisciplinary structure of sports sciences in fourteen years.

Haliç University School of Physical Education and Sports, with its current academic staff, sports facilities, performance laboratory, sports biomechanics laboratory, exercise and sports psychology laboratory and physical spaces, is equipped to carry out this education in a contemporary and efficient manner in accordance with the needs of the day.

Facilities such as our sports fields, indoor sports hall, indoor swimming pool, fitness center, gymnasium, dance hall, archery hall are used in our lessons. In addition, experience and internship opportunities are offered to our students in sports practices with our external stakeholders.

We attach importance to the education and internship of our students in the sector. Collaborations are made with schools, sports clubs, municipalities, state institutions and organizations for internships and professional field applications in our school.

Our university also has an education program in the sector so that our students can be prepared for the professional field during their undergraduate education. However, within the scope of Erasmus, our students have education and internship opportunities abroad, and opportunities are offered for foreign language and professional experience.