Sports Management (English)

Haliç University the School of Physical Education and Sport was founded in 2008 as being the first School of Physical Education and Sport at a private university in Turkey as well as having the first department of Sports Management – one of the three departments in this school. The language of the department of Sports Management is English. Having been active for around ten years in such a huge metropolis Istanbul, it is one of the most preferred departments because of its being placed at the center of this metropolis and its instructors well-known by their expertness

The aim of the Sports Management department; It is aimed to train well-equipped, high-quality sports managers who will take part in the management and administration of sports in our country and who can show their competence in national and international areas.

Haliç University Physical Education and Sports School Sports Management Department's curriculum is a program prepared to meet the needs of the field today. The program which includes joint courses with other departments in the first two years, focuses on modular programs in its last two years. The courses taught in these modules under the name of Sports and Media, Sports Industry and Marketing, Fitness and Recreation Management directly address the areas needed by the field. In the last two semesters, to provide the opportunity to practice in the field, students take the professional field practice course in order to have the chance to learn the situations required by the field early by participating in applied trainings in private or public institutions and organizations related to the modules they choose.

The department of sports management aims to present the theoretical and practical lessons in a wide perspective with the content of the courses in the curriculum and the quality of the lecturers.

Students who graduate from this department are accepted in the sports media sector, in written and visual media, and as managers in public and private sports clubs and in recreation centers. They are especially preferred in areas such as fitness management, sports marketing, and sports facilities management. They can find the opportunity of employment in various units in central and provincial organizations affiliated to the General Directorate of Youth and Sports.

Foundation Year 2020 - 2021
Point Type Special Talent
The Language of Education English
Prep. School Mandatory
The Period of Study 5 Years
Location Levent Campus

Our university has accepted students through Special Talent Exams held in certain periods. In order to take the Special Talent Exam, it is mandatory to get a score of 150 and above from any of the TYT score types determined by ÖSYM.

The Message from the Head of the Department

Haliç University School of Physical Education and Sports, founded in 2008, is the first school founded within the private universities in Turkey. The School of Physical Education and Sports consists of 5 departments including the Department of Sports Management. Throughout the twelve years, Sports Management Department has always been at the forefront as a preferred department in Istanbul and has gained value by creating an institutional memory in the education sector as a result of the quality of its academic staff, the distinctness of its curriculum and the employment of its graduates in very good places.The Department of Sports Management (English) at Haliç University, opened this year, will gain a very important place in the national and international arena by its course contents in the 5-year curriculum program together with the English prep. program, the quality of its academic staff and by presenting the theoretical and applied courses from a wide perspective. In addition, it will contribute to the training of fully equipped and qualified sports managers who can show the competence necessary to take part in the management and administration of sports in national and international areas. The Sports Management (English) Department, which will continue its education in Beşiktaş Levent campus, one of the most beautiful districts of Istanbul, will always be the center of knowledge and experience with its dynamic and visionary structure.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. İlhan ODABAŞ

The head of Sports Management (English) Department