Directorate Office


Message from the Director

The success of education in Physical Education and Sports Sciences depends on the combination of theory and practice. The good name and competence of the university you graduated from in the sports community will increase your chances of finding a job and being successful in your future life. Haliç University School of Physical Education and Sports will give you the education you want with its qualified instructors through the opportunities such as the fields of all sports branches, branch internship opportunities, many national-international seminars and courses on its campuses. You can also include the international experience and knowledge to your professional careers through our university's international connections or English sports departments. With the opportunities through which you can combine technology and sports, you can prepare yourself for the future by doing double major and minor in other fields. We embrace you all with love and want to see you in BESYO

Prof. Aysel PEHLİVAN

The Director of the School of Physical Education and Sports