Haliç University School of Physical Education and Sports

Sports Sciences Research and Application Laboratory

  • Sports sciences research and applicatıon laboratory
  • Anthropometric measurements (body composition, body type, body proportions)
  • Posture evaluation
  • Aerobıc power (maxvo2) (dırect tests, indirect tests)
  • Anaerobıc power tests (direct tests, indirect tests)
  • Respiratory function tests
  • Lactate tests
  • Power tests
  • Strength tests (bıodex, dynamometer tests)
  • Kinetic-kinematic measurements (motion and walking analysis wıth Qualysis)
  • Emg measurements
  • Coordınatıon, speed, agılity and agility tests
  • Flexibility tests
  • Balance tests (static and dynamic balance)
  • Core stabilization tests
  • Cognitive tests (cognitive tests that measure skills such as perception, comprehension, comprehension, Reasoning, intelligence, memory, attention with vienna test)
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Growth and development tracking in children
  • Talent evaluatıon & guidance